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3 Things To Do Before Selling your Home – And Why Professional Cleaner is a Must!

What do you think, which one of the two houses below will be sold first and for a better price?  The first one or the second one?

 3 Things to do before selling a house, hire professional house cleaners Calgary

You’re right if you choose the picture on the right. It’s clean, airy, well organized and freshly painted.  

You may be wondering why you should bother cleaning or painting a house you are about to leave for good. The truth is that if you want to sell your home faster and make more money on it, you need to show the potential buyers how well it was taken care of. 

There are at least these following 3 things you should consider doing before putting your house for sale.


Peeling paint is not very appealing, neither are stained walls,  your child’s artwork, or wild crazy colors.  It might make potential buyers think about other hidden issues there might be, like mold or poor insulation. Don´t let this spoil the best deal you can get. With the smartly chosen neutral colors, you can update any room and make it feel bigger and brighter allowing the potential new owners to visualize how would it feel to live in the home. This is better than have them wonder what is lurking behind the walls or the amount of work they need to put into painting the house themselves.


People have a lot of stuff and this stuff needs to be stored in their homes, so all buyers are looking for adequate storage. Having a well-organized and de-cluttered home will make the buyers feel like there is lot of room and storage options for their belongings. As an added bonus this gives you an opportunity not to bring your junk to the next house. However, if it’s too hard for you to part with your stuff or if your selling because it’s time to move into a bigger home, put your items in storage while your house is on the market.  

Deep Cleaning

Do you know which of the 5 senses gives you, your first impression when entering a new space? Smell! Make sure that your house smells nice and fresh when the potential buyers come to view your house. Avoid the use of air fresheners since some people can be allergic to them. Simply make sure your home is clean from top to bottom.  Open the windows, put the smelly shoes away and take the garbage out. Clean the bathrooms, change the towels and polish the mirrors. Give special attention to the kitchen as well, sparkling countertops, clean refrigerator (buyers do look) and clean floors. Don’t forget to dust, vacuum and clean the windows inside and outside to bring in as much light as you can.  It’s a good idea to hire professional home cleaners to come in and do a thorough deep house clean.

The timing is important as well. You should be prepared before the house is listed for sale. You want to attract the buyers by showing them pictures of a clean and organized house. Consider creating a cleaning schedule to help you keep your home in tip top shape while its listed, or hire a professional house cleaning company temporarily so that everything remains spick and span and you don’t have to do a ton of extra work.  First impressions are very important, so make sure you’re putting your best home forward.  

Did you know that Tidy Up offers all 3 of the services mentioned above? 

We offer special packages for those looking to get their homes in top shape and ready to sell.  You don’t need to major renovations before listing your home, but you would be surprised amazed how much a fresh coat of paint,  some organization and cleaning can go. 

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