Home Staging

Home Staging

 Selling your house ? Looking to maximize your home’s appeal and worth ?
We can help you !

Having your home staged before you sell it is one of the smartest decisions a seller can make. Home staging can turn a cold and lifeless looking property into a warm and inviting home in a potential buyer’s mind.

Some sellers are reluctant to spend the money on home staging, but that is usually short-sighted. Home Staging studies have shown that the increase in the purchase price of staged homes far more than covers the cost of staging. In addition, staged homes usually sell much faster, and with more satisfied buyers.

What are the benefits of staging a home?Home staging Calgary

  • Better look
  • Better price
  • Faster sell

Staged homes look and feel better than other competing homes on the market.  They give buyer’s a clear vision of how the house can feel when occupied. To get the best price for your home, we will make sure that both potential buyers and real estate agents, see your home at its absolute best.  When we stage a home, it is to maximize the potential value and overall beauty of the property.

When a buyer sees a house that has been home staged, the home looks showroom ready and inviting. This can significantly impact the offer price.

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